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American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy
Information and referrals for marriage counseling and family therapy

American Psychological Association
Useful articles regarding children's issues concerning divorce, custody and abuse

Provides credit bureau reports

Find Law
Search engine for legal research

Kelly Blue Book
Provides automobile values

Monster Moving
Provides prices for recent home sales

Pennsylvania State Collection and Disbursement Unit
Pennsylvania child support collection agency

Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedures
Family Law Rules - Title 231, Chapter 19
Child Support Guidelines - Rule 1910, 16-3

Public Schools Employees Retirement System
Information about pensions for Pennsylvania public school teachers

Pension Appraisers
Pension appraisals

Provides comparative information about school districts

Thrift Savings Plan
Information about pensions for Federal employees

American Academy of Pediatrics
Useful articles regarding issues concerning divorce, custody, and abuse

Provides Stock Prices

Federal Reserve Bank
Calculates interest on U.S. Savings Bonds

Federal tax information

Free legal research (Registration Required)

NADA Guides
Provides automobile values

Pennsylvania Statutes
Divorce Code - Title 23

Pennsylvania Department of Revenue
Pennsylvania tax information and forms

Pennsylvania Bar Association
State Bar Association

Railroad Retirement Board
Information about pensions for railroad employees

Information about pensions for college professors

Provides credit bureau reports



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